In The Chair is a Masonic Podcast hosted by Robert Bone, for Freemasons, and those interested in Freemasonry, for Masons in the UK and Worldwide.

It is currently in production. No date has yet been set for the official launch, but it should be around the end of August or beginning of September. This should coincide with when I get Installed into The Chair of my Lodge in September, enabling me to chart my personal journey as well as include interviews and reports from my journeys and experiences.

Once ready I’ll be posting links to download and subscribe through iTunes and Stitcher. To ensure you get these please follow on Twitter ( and complete the small form in the right hand column to get emailed once the show goes live.

Please also take a minute or two to complete the following form, your feedback is genuinely greatly appreciated and will have an impact on In The Chair, the Masonic Podcast. Thanks!

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