Day 93 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual, and it’s just 8 days until Installation!

Yesterday we official moved from Revision to Rehearsal. We just went through the Installation of the Immediate Past Master and the Senior and Junior Wardens, today we continue with:

Masonic Ritual, Day 93 of 100: Rehearsing Installation of Deacons and Officers of the Lodge

So as with yesterday, we are leaving the book and relying on all the Learning and Revising of the Ritual to see us through.

We’ll continue through the rest of the Installation of Deacons, Officers and then close the Lodge.

As yesterday, try and do this out loud if you can, and at a the same speed you’ll be talking in Lodge. Also remember to allow pauses for putting on the collars – even going through the actions if you can.

Hopefully you are getting confident with the Ritual, and should your Installation be tomorrow you may not be completely ready, but you’d be able to do what’s required to get the job done. And we still have a week left to polish it.


Day 93 of 100: Rehearsing the Installation of Deacons and Officers
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