Day 92 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual, and now we are into single digits of the countdown until Installation. (Crikey, now we are into single digits it really does seem close.

So yesterday we had another revision of the complete Installation Ceremony. Today it’s…

Masonic Ritual, Day 92 of 100: Rehearsing Installation of IPM and Wardens

For quite a while now we have been revising the Installation Ceremony in one go, but today we are going back to splitting it up, but for more detail. This is because we are now entering the Revision Stage of Learning the Masonic Ritual.

Now I’m assuming you are out of the Revision stage and comfortable going through the Ritual without the need of the book – bar the odd occasionally pause or memory lapse.

Now we are confident we have the words securely in our minds, we are ready to start working on the presentation.

This means you are saying it out loud. Not blast along under your breath, but properly say it, and if possible, projecting it just as you would in Lodge.

Of course, this may not be practical, so some adaption may be required.

For example, if you live in flat you probably don’t want to be waking the neighbours if you rehearse early in the morning. However, as you no longer need the book you can rehearse whilst in the car, and with hands-free kits anyone looking at you in their rear-view mirror will just assume you are talking on the phone.

Of course, if you use the tube or bus then rehearsing on your morning commute probably isn’t that suitable.

If you are self-conscious then try to find a quiet spot by yourself where you can still comfortably talk at a normal level. Although you may not be projecting your voice, ensure you talk at a similar speed to as you would in Lodge.

Try to visualise yourself in Lodge, and visualise yourself going through the actions of Investing with the Wardens with their jewels, and pausing whilst you put the collars over their heads.

You’ll probably find that going through as Rehearsal is different to Revision. Often a mistake people make is to skip the rehearsal, and rely on revision, thinking that being confident in the words is all that’s needed. It isn’t until the night that they realise that saying it out loud is completely different to running through it mentally!

Day 92 of 100: Rehearsing the Installation of IPM and Wardens
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