Day 86 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual and we are starting our third run through the Raising Ceremony. Our first two run throughs were what we classed at the Learning stage, and we are now on the the Revision stage. What this means is now we are going to build on what we’ve already worked on.

The first two runs throughs aren’t to really get word perfect with the Ritual (though don’t complain if you are with some of it!) but to really get a good foundation. Basically it’s to get to grips with the ritual, and the structure of the pieces.

So, today…

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 86 of 100: Revising the Raising Ceremony

Today we are covering the quite a chunk of the Raising Ceremony, going from Opening in the First Degree, through to (but not including today!) the Third Degree Obligation. This was spread over four days on our first run through, but we condensed it into one day on Day 79.

Day 62: Opening in the First two degrees (pages 42-49) and questions to Candidate (156-158)
Day 63: Pledges and Entrusting (pages 158-159)
Day 64: Opening in Third Degree (pages 50-54) and perambulations (pages 161-169)
Day 65: Ritual up to the Obligation (pages 170-176)

(The page numbers are based on my edition of Emulation Ritual.)

Now we are on the Revision stage the idea is to build on this foundation and start getting the words correct. Don’t worry too much about being absolutely word perfect this go, or spending too long testing yourself.

I recommend having the book open and going through each sentence or two and immediately checking the ritual in the book. If you are accurate, or at least close, feel free to move onto the next part. Any parts that you don’t know, or parts that you had issues with spend a bit more time working on it.

After a couple of minutes you may well be word perfect, but after a while this likely to slip. This is the process of building it in the short term memory, and it takes time to build this in the long term memory.

Remember (and I’ve said this many times before) that this study plan isn’t designed to get you word perfect in this, or the other degree ceremonies, but get you fully prepared for your Installation and a solid basis for future study, revision and rehearsal for the ceremonies you’ll be having during your year.

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