Wow, Day 60 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual! After two weeks of the Passing Ceremony we spent yesterday Learning what you need to learn ahead of your Installation Ceremony. Technically you should have learnt it already, but over those two weeks the chances are you needed a refresher first.

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 60 of 100: Revising the Installation Ceremony

After yesterday’s Learning it should be no surprise we have another day focusing on the Installation Ceremony, only this time it is back to Revision.

IPM Jewel
Investing Immediate Past Master

In my book Investing the Officers starts on page 214 with the IPM, then picks up with the Senior Warden on page 223, through the Offices to page 235, then Resuming is on page 68 and Closing the Lodge is pages 62-65.

So today we are in “Revision” mode. What that means is you have the book open but you lead – you may want to cover the Ritual up with a piece of paper – checking after every couple of lines and correcting. Try and get through it without prompting, and feel free to take a guess.

We aren’t on the Rehearsal stage yet – if you are word perfect then great, if you aren’t then don’t worry, you’ve still got over 40 days!


Day 60 of 100: Installation Ceremony Revision