Yesterday in our 100 Day Study Guide for Master Elects we asked the Candidate to make two Pledges and Entrusted him with the pass grip and word, before sending him out the Lodge to prepare for the Passing Ceremony.

We’ll resume, which means today is:

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 46 of 100: Second Degree Perambulation

Actually, before the Candidate re-enters for the Passing we must first Open the Lodge in the Second Degree (pages 47-50 in my book of Emulation Ritual), before commencing with the ceremony, where the candidate is re-admitted, perambulates around the Lodge and preparing for the Obligation (pages 117-128).

This is looks like quite a lot of work at first glance, but when you read through it you’ll see there shouldn’t be anything too strenuous in it. I had initially planned on splitting this work over two days, but when I went through the first part I realised that it could be combined to be covered in just today.

Don’t panic, you don’t need to be fully word perfect with it at the end of today’s session, this is our first reading through of the Second Degree so I’m not expecting you to learn it all off by heart, but you should get a good grounding in it for future learning, revision and rehearsal.

Let’s break all of these thirteen or so pages down:

  • Opening in the Second Degree (pages 47-50) – It follows a similar format to opening in the First, but with less questions, and if you’ve gone through the Warden’s Chairs you’ll already be familiar with it.
  • Candidate enters through to Prayer (pages 117-120) – About five lines, though three of these are very short, and the other two are similar to admitting the Candidate in the First Degree.
  • First Perambulation (pages 121-123) – All done by the Senior Deacon and Wardens.
  • Second Perambulation (pages 123-126) – Only one line from the Master, and similar again to the First Degree.
  • Advancing to the East (pages 126-127) – One line from the Master, the rest is the Senior Warden and Deacon’s work.
  • Pre-Obligation Preparation (pages 128) – The two biggest chunks of Ritual in today’s learning. The first explains that another Obligation is required, the second part prepares the Candidate. This is very similar to the First Degree’s preparation but the rights and lefts are switched, and the left arm is support by a Square, as opposed to being used to support Compasses.

I admit it does still look quite a bit, but once you work your way through you’ll see that the nothing too taxing is being learnt today. If anything the hardest part is remembering the format of the ceremony, not actually words. This may make revision trickier at a later date so try to visualise what the Senior Deacons and Warden’s are doing too, and don’t just focus on the Master’s words in isolation.

Day 46 of 100: Second Degree Perambulation
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