Day 20 of the 100 Day plan to learn the Masonic Ritual. That’s a fifth of the way through – not a massive slice of the ‘ritual pie’, but when you look back over what we have already covered during the last 20 days you see that we should be up to speed with everything by the time of your Installation.

Remember, come your Installation you don’t need to be word perfect in all the ceremonies, but you should be word perfect for Investing your Officers and closing the Lodge; and have a solid grounding in the other ceremonies so you just to revise and rehearse those.

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 20 of 100: First Degree Declarations

Learning Masonic Ritual
Learning Masonic Ritual by Rick Smith

Yesterday was the Ritual around the Parambulations, easy to dismiss as the work of the Deacons and Wardens, but actually quite a bit of input is required by the Master.

We left it saying we have a few questions for the candidate which are the First Degree Declarations (in my book of Emulation Ritual it’s pages 77-78).


It’s only three questions spread over two pages, but I personally have a real problem with this. The length and format of each of the First Degree Declarations are similar, but for some reason these parts just don’t want to be learnt.

The way I’ve attempted to learn the Declarations is just by brute force, reading, reading, repeating and repeating. This isn’t the ideal way and I wouldn’t recommend learning the whole ritual with this method, but in some cases you just need to cram it in whatever way you can.

Hopefully with repetition familiarity will follow, and once you have familiarity with a piece you start noticing those small subtleties and patterns that make learning easier.

I recommend (if you haven’t already) reading “Learning Masonic Ritual” by Rick Smith, which gives great advice in learning Masonic Ritual, you can get it from Amazon too.

I’m not too worried at the moment because I’m not looking to be word perfect on this yet, but I have identified an area that will need more work. It’s therefore a good idea to pop a bookmark in here and take a couple of looks in the future when I have some spare time to continue to get that familiarity.

I’m sure come the ceremony I’ll be rattling through the First Degree Declarations with out even thinking about it.

Day 20 of 100: First Degree Declarations
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