Day 19 of the 100 Day plan to learn the Masonic Ritual. Yesterday we started learning the Ceremony for the First Degree. We aren’t looking to get this word perfect at this moment in time, but to get to grips with what your lines as Worshipful Master are, and where they are. You’ll likely already be familiar with them, but now we are turning the focus on actively learning.

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 19 of 100: First Degree Parambulations

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Having opened the Lodge; the candidate has now been admitted and the Prayer said, now it’s the First Degree Parambulations¬†(in my book of Emulation Ritual it’s pages 73-77).

When I was in the Master’s Chair for a Lodge of Instruction last year for a First Degree ceremony and it was these parts, and similar, where I became a bit unstuck.

Without a pre-planned study guide in place you naturally gravitate to learning the larger pieces, such as the Obligations, Working Tools or Charges. The bits that have a defined beginning and end. I soon realised that the “transitional” parts were just given a cursory glance and that meant that the ceremony did not have any flow as I was constantly lost and requiring prompts to get to the safe ground of the large pieces. This is after all one of the reasons for Lodge of Instruction – so we don’t make these mistakes for real!

I’ve deliberately ensured these transitional pieces of ritual get the due care and attention they deserve. Don’t assume that today is an easy day. Put the work in and ensure you are up to speed with this, not just with the words, but also the actions, such as when to gavel.

Take it up to the line where you say you will attend to the SW’s presentation but must ask some questions first.

If you do find this quite an easy day then have a revision on yesterday’s and let the two parts flow together – remembering where to gavel. Some of the coming days will be require quite a lot of work so don’t start coasting now.

Day 19 of 100: First Degree Parambulations
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