Day 16 of the 100 Day Study Plan to learn Masonic ritual – which works out to about a sixth. Not a massive chunk, but a significant proportion. Hope you’re seeing that spending a bit of time each day in a coordinated way is making this quite a painless process.

By now you should be about 85% proficient in what you, as Master Elect, needs to learn ahead of you Installation Ceremony. Don’t worry, it’s not 100 days just on the Installation, but we’re covering the other ceremonies too, but the priority is the Installation at the moment.


Learn Masonic Ritual
Inner Guard Jewel

Yesterday was revising Investing the Immediate Past Master and Wardens, so today it’s…

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 16 of 100: Investing Officers and Closing – again!

Continuing from yesterday’s session we are now we are getting to the stage to be competent with the Ritual.

Again I suggest opening the blue book to the required page of the piece, but avoid looking if necessary. In my book Investing the Officers is on pages 226-235, Resuming is on page 68 and Closing the Lodge is pages 62-65.

Like yesterday, if you get stuck just pause, take a breath and let the words come to you – normally they will. It’s better at this stage to guess and be slightly wrong than look at the book.

Getting close to correct is better than needing a prompt. It’s easy to knock yourself at these bits, but actually you should take it as a boost of confidence that although you may not be 100%, you have enough of a grasp to take a punt at it, and probably be pretty close.

Learn Masonic Ritual
Tyler Jewel

If you find you are stuck, miss sections, or can’t take an educated guess then go back to learning it. It may be you just need to really focus on a specific sentence. One method I’ve read about is to write that sentence out 50 or 100 times, just like doing ‘lines’ in school detention. Trust me, after the 100th repetition it will be a lot easier to remember.

By the end of this session I want you to feel about 95% confident with Investing Officers, that’s the Treasurer, Secretary, Deacons, Inner Guard, Tyler and other Officers in the Lodge.

Personally, I’m still having a few issues with the Junior Deacon, Inner Guard and Tyler. Whenever I give in I have a quick glance and immediately remember what the troublesome line is, which proves it’s ‘in there’, just need to work on the fluency.



Day 16 of 100: Investing Officers and Closing the Lodge
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