We’re over two weeks into the 100 Day Study Plan to learn Masonic ritual. Hope you aren’t bored yet!

Since we started we have now gone through the Installation ceremony (at least the parts the Master Elect needs to learn) a couple of times now. Hopefully there are now parts you have nailed, but it’s likely there are still some parts that have that annoying habit of slipping your mind.

Fingers crossed these should be in the minority, and the chances are you know where they are in the ritual, and so you know where to focus your efforts on.

You should be getting to the stage where you are about 85% confident on the ritual (for what you need to say at the Installation). Sorry to repeat things, but today it’s…

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 15 of 100: Investing IPM and Wardens – again!

Learn Masonic Ritual
Senior Warden

Yes, I know we only did this two days ago, but before we move on to the other ceremonies we really need to make sure this is properly learnt.

We need to make sure the ritual stays in the long-term memory, and that is achieved by repetition. If we move on now we run the risk of forgetting watch we’ve learnt over the last two weeks, and then in the week prior to your Installation you’ll find yourself having to re-learn, not, revise and rehearse.

Trust me, being bored now is a lot better than being stressed the day before your Installation, and will make the ceremony a lot more enjoyable.

If you can I suggest opening the blue book to the required page of the piece (in my book Investing the IPM is on 214, Investing the Senior Warden is pages 223-224, and Investing the Junior Warden is pages 224-225).

Try and say the ritual without looking at the book at all. If you get stuck just pause, take a breath and let the words come to you – normally they will. I would much prefer you take a stab at it and get it slightly wrong, than look at the book.

Ideally you don’t want to be bluffing your way through the ritual on the night, but if you come to an area that requires a little “improvisation” to get through it’s unlikely anyone will notice too much, as long as the meaning is correct. You know what I mean, the old “right words but in the wrong order”!

If you find you are stuck, miss sections, or can’t take an educated guess then go back to learning it. It may be you just need to really focus on a specific sentence. One method I’ve read about is to write that sentence out 50 or 100 times, just like doing ‘lines’ in school detention. Trust me, after the 100th repetition it will be a lot easier to remember.

Learning Masonic Ritual Junior Warden
Junior Warden

By the end of this session I want you to feel about 95% confident with Investing the Immediate Past Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden.

It’s still 85 days until your Installation ceremony, but I want you to feel that if it was just 5 days you’d be able to get through the ceremony with only a little prompting.

Keep up the good work, and keep sticking with it. By now you should be getting into the routine of spending some time each day to learn the ritual, and worked out when best works for your and your lifestyle.

We are covering the other ceremonies in this 100 day period (though not to be word perfect in, but enough that you can spend the week before each revising, not frantically cramming). There are some large pieces to be learnt, but by then you’ll be so accustomed to learning Ritual it’ll be a breeze!


Day 15 of 100: Investing IPM and Wardens
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