We’re now two weeks into the 100 Day Study Plan to learn Masonic ritual. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the time flies?! There’s still 87 days until the Installation, and as long as you’ve been putting in sufficient work each day you should be quite pleased with what you have learnt over these last 14 days.

By now you should be about 75% proficient in what you, as Master Elect, needs to learn ahead of you Installation Ceremony. Don’t worry, it’s not 100 days just on the Installation, but we’re covering the other ceremonies too, but the priority is the Installation at the moment.

Repeating what I said yesterday; the aim now is to get to the stage where you may need the odd glance (or prompt), there may be a few pauses whilst you need to think, but all in all, it’s up there.

To put it another way, if you were getting Installed in a few days time you know the ritual well enough to get by, and probably be at the standard that many are when they are Installed in the Chair.

So today it’s…

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 14 of 100: Investing Officers and Closing

Over previous days when we were at the learning stage learnt Investing the Officers (not the IPM and Wardens, that was yesterday) and Resuming and Closing on different days, with much of the word on the Investing day. Now we are starting to build the ceremony we are going through both parts today.

Now we are getting to the stage to be competent with the Ritual.

I find that by this stage you want to have the book open on the page. In my book Investing the Officers is on pages 226-235, Resuming is on page 68 and Closing the Lodge is pages 62-65.

Again, repeating my “getting competent” techniques from yesterday, I sit back and close my eyes and mouth along quietly. I find saying out loud (although barely audible) helps, it’s important not to just do the ritual internally, but get used to speaking it out loud.

I then run through the ritual. Often I visualise the page (some people almost take a mental photograph of the page and almost read from this mental picture, whereas others can not use this method at all – it varies). Should I encounter parts I get stuck on I take a moment to relax and normally the words pop into my head.

If not I try to take a guess, or at a push have a glimpse to prompt the sentence. You’ll often kick yourself at how close you are. Of course, we aren’t getting to the stage where you’ll be performing this in Lodge just yet – you don’t want to be Investing your Officers with your eyes closed with long awkward silences.

When you get to a sticking point repeat the line a couple of times, really paying attention to the wording. Then go back a couple lines and start repeating from there, notice how the words that you knew fluently lead into the part you had problems with. Repeat this a couple more time, then repeat the whole part again.

Once you’ve worked you way through Investing these Offices, resuming and closing, go back to the beginning and start again. You’re not concerned with performing it at the moment, but you should be focusing on accuracy.

By the end of this session aim to be about 95% accurate with the ritual. The performance may be laboured, but we still have 87 days before you go into the Chair to work on presentation.

Trust me, at this rate you are going to be ready to be installed in just a couple of days time!


Day 14 of 100: Investing Officers and Closing
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