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Welcome to In The Chair

Welcome to In The Chair, my name is Robert, and I’m a Freemason in Berkshire, England.

A Blog by a Freemason, for Freemasons!

This site is a blog to record my experiences in Freemasonry. I started this project about 4 months prior to going into The Chair. It was initially just to record the odd visit to another Lodge meeting, or a bit of advice to pass on to Master Masons working their way through the offices; but over time this project has encompassed other areas and spawned side projects.

The main purpose of this site is to focus on my year “In The Chair” of Kennet Lodge, in Berkshire. I was Installed as Worshipful Master of the Lodge on Wednesday 23rd September, and within 24 hours I was out visiting another Lodge. To find out more about me here.

100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual book

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In The Chair Masonic Podcast

Masonic Podcast
In The Chair Masonic Podcast

Although starting out as written blog, In The Chair has expanded into a weekly podcast. Although they still share the same name the two projects are meant to run independently from each other (though naturally some cross-over occurs!)

You can find out more about In The Chair – Masonic Podcast by visiting the website: www.masonicpodcast.com, which has the full list of episodes.

The podcast is available on both iTunes and Stitcher radio, please click the links and subscribe so you get the latest episodes delivered to directly to your favorite media player.

Episodes mainly feature interviews and discussions with people involved in all aspects of Freemasonry. The idea isn’t to focus just on the historical or esoteric side of Freemasonry, but get to know the people and personalities involved in the Craft. Not just the ‘big names’, but also the rank and file members, those who attend their Lodge of Instruction and are working their way through the Offices.

As a Mason in England it naturally focuses on Masonry in the UK, but it has already acquired a large listenership from around the world, and as also suitable for non-Masons who’d like to find out more.

Follow the Masonic Podcast on twitter account: www.twitter.com/masonicpodcast.

I’ve decided to keep the podcast separate and independent from this blog, that way this website can be a record of my time in the Chair, and be resource for those also going through the offices.

Visiting Lodges Whilst Master

During the Master’s year in the Chair it is usual to for them to visit Lodges, normally these are Lodges within the Master’s own Province. This is usually arranged by the Lodge Secretaries emailing our invites and the Master picks the ones he would like to attend.

I want to expand this and travel further around the UK, and instead of relying on Secretaries in my Province, I want to cultivate relationships directly using social media. Follow me now on twitter: www.twitter.com/InTheChairCoUk, or email me direct at robert@in-the-chair.co.uk with details of when and where your Lodge meets, and a link to your Lodge website if you have one.

At one point I considered attempting to visit a Lodge in every Province during my term as Master, but with existing commitments this won’t be possible, however, it will give a reason to continue the blog once I’ve Installed my successor.

I will be keeping a record of my travels on this site’s blog, as well as hosting interviews and reports for In The Chair Masonic Podcast.

Learning Masonic Ritual

Learn Masonic Ritual book

In my run up to going into the Chair I devised a 100 day study plan to be as prepared as possible for the Installation, and at the same time give a solid grounding in the other ceremonies so that only last minute polishing – not last minute cramming – is needed each month.

100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual book
100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual book

I also interviewed Rick Smith, author of Learning Masonic Ritual in Episode Three of the podcast. We discussed techniques for learning the ritual, plus a few tips and tricks to help you. It’s well worth a listen, details on www.masonicpodcast.com/3.

Resource for Master Masons

This website is to not only act as a Masonic diary of my time leading up to and in the Chair, but also be a resource for all Master Masons going through the offices in their Lodge. I hope to impart some of my experiences and thoughts, as well as tips and ideas for making my year a success – in my eyes, as well as in the eyes of the rest of the members!

Let me know if you have any questions or requests for advice. The chances are you aren’t the only person who also has that question so don’t be shy!

Not a Mason? How to Join the Freemasons

If you aren’t already a Mason but interested in finding out more about what we do and how you can join a Freemason’s Lodge in your area check out the page about joining the Masons.

If you have any questions or you like to contribute any tips or advice of your own please drop me a line at robert@in-the-chair.co.uk.

Thanks, Robert